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Ruby is a modern programming language that allows developers to build all kinds of applications, from small scripts to enterprise web platforms. Ruby on Rails is a framework – a set of tools built on top of Ruby, aimed at developing web applications quickly. Some of the benefits of using this technology are:
  • Emphasis on productivity
  • Easy to write API for your mobile application
  • Good for Agile projects
  • A large and growing community of developers
  • Huge ecosystem so the programmer doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel

Ruby on Rails Alternatives

Although Rails is the most popular web development technology for Ruby, some projects require using alternative frameworks.

Depending on your product and product needs, we will help you choose the right tool for the job.

We have experience in working with Grape, Sinatra, Hanami and are open to exploring other options.

Elixir Web Development

All these features belong to the bulletproof platform - Erlang - that powers the most reliable online services on the globe. We commonly use Elixir for the development of communication platforms (e.g. telecom, chats, video services).

We recommend Elixir for the development of scalable and maintainable applications. Elixir’s major advantage is that it is extremely scalable. Thanks to its extensible nature web developers increase their productivity by naturally spreading the language to specific domains. Elixir is also a programming language that comes with a sizeable set of tools that facilitate development.verywhere.

Agile Development

We will discuss your product vision with you and together decide if we are a good fit for your project. If we are, we will send you an estimate for you to review. We will pick the right mobile app development team for you and start your project.

Product vision
Initial estimate
Choosing a development team
Choosing the right technologies
Establish process
Development in iterations

We’re a Ruby on Rails Company

We offer you Agile Ruby on Rails development teams who deliver web solutions to suit your needs. Build an MVP, create APIs, scale your app or design interfaces. All under one roof.
Build an MVP

Build your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) from scratch with the help of our startup Ruby on Rails development team. Get in the market quickly with the best results using Agile methodologies.

Create APIs

APIs allow your mobile application to connect to the backend, where all your data lies and your business logic is processed. It’s the glue that connects all mobile devices and platforms.

Scale Your App

We (or if requested, you) will test your idea. At this point, it’s important to scale the app by adding new features, improving Ruby on Rails development speed and prepare for an increase in users. See progress day-by-day with continuous delivery.

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We have formalised best coding practices to ensure the scalability of your project. The code standards that all our developers adhere to are designed to allow your project to be scaled easily in the future - You will not have to make big changes in the code-base, to make big changes in the application.

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