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We are Farmer Studio

Meet passionate people who create top stuning visual designs.

Minh Nguyen CCO
Toan Nguyen CTO
Minh Phan CEO
Ha Nguyen Sales Director
Thanh Huynh Lead Designer
Duong Phan Lead Designer
Van Nguyen UI/UX Designer
Phong Nguyen UI/UX Designer
Nhat Le UI/UX Designer
Phat Phung UI/UX Designer
Trang Ho UI/UX Designer
Nhung Le Administrator

Our Values

Hard Work
Transparent agreement. Time and materials contract.
Be Creative
Joint planning sessions and constant communication.
Be Effective
Automated tests and code review.
Perfect process
We practice UX, Agile, Lean, XP.

See the Passion

This is how passion is born and nurtured.